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Spark is a change agent in the Sri Lankan IT industry, created to develop talents and ensure anyone can realise their maximum potential.



Our multifaceted and highly focused services are aimed at realising the potential of gifted young Sri Lankans, offering them a world of new opportunities

An elite programme for gifted programmers to develop their talents to international industry standards

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A foundational programme that lays the fundamental pillars to becoming a programmer of exceptional talent

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A unique platform which provides you work opportunities across the world

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A launch pad for young innovators in starting and forging ahead with their startup ideas

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why spark is

  • Our Spark programmes are designed to build and enhance essential capacities for modern industry
  • Our Remote Teams services offer world-class work opportunities for skillful individuals
  • Our Launch Pad provides the most conducive environment to build startups from concept to launch
  • Our deep research and development insights helps you to stay ahead of the industry curve

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January 5, 2020

Spark X completes the first batch
of students

Selected 11 students from University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo, University of Peradeniya and Sri Lanka Institute of Technology went through the 24 weeks Spark X premium program. The part time program was held with a combination of technical and soft skills training with industry experts. It was amazing to see the transformation of these 11 students. The video testimonials below from our students speak on their own.
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How Spark Can Help You

As long as you have a strong interest and some experience in software engineering with the dedication to excel you can apply.

A batch is limited to 40 individuals and will be selected through a pre-selection process to ensure the best candidates get the opportunity. But we strongly encourage anyone of interest to apply as our selection process looks at various areas and does not focus only on academic background.

It is a 6 months programme with virtual and face-to-face interactive boot camps. The programme is designed to be able to follow as a part time programme.

We have full-scholarships for selected deserving students. The scholarship includes all program content, lecture material, workshop costs, etc…

Yes, if you have only basic knowledge on computing this programme is for you. You can begin here.

It is self paced and you can decide how you want to follow the content

Not necessary, you can follow only the course content you prefer or need to learn.

It is completely FREE to learn. However, if you want a certification in a certain area you will need to pay a nominal fee for assessment.

No FQAs to this page!

The Incubator is mainly for Spark X students/Alumni. However,  if you have a startup project that needs support, guidance or funding please reach us and we will consider if we can support you.

We will provide knowledge, expertise, space, funding and any support we can provide for the startup to be a success.

Each Launch Pad project will be unique in its own way, hence based on what your requirement is we will draw up plans and have commitments setup. Speak to us and let’s discuss.

Part of the plan is for you to use our international network to reach specialists all around the world. We believe that nothing is impossible if we have the right mindset. So with Spark you immediately get reach to any expert around the world.