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We would love to explore how we can provide more support to our students to kick off their startup ideas. Spark Incubator will provide the necessary links to industry experts for guidance, work space and if necessary financial support. Our objective is to always empower our students to reach their maximum potential.

Find out how Spark works and how it can help you achieve your full potential

The Incubator is mainly for Spark X students/Alumni. However,  if you have a startup project that needs support, guidance or funding please reach us and we will consider if we can support you.

We will provide knowledge, expertise, space, funding and any support we can provide for the startup to be a success.

Each Launch Pad project will be unique in its own way, hence based on what your requirement is we will draw up plans and have commitments setup. Speak to us and let’s discuss.

Part of the plan is for you to use our international network to reach specialists all around the world. We believe that nothing is impossible if we have the right mindset. So with Spark you immediately get reach to any expert around the world.