Spark Foundation

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Spark Foundation is a FREE Online programme that includes guided pathways for IT students/enthusiasts to reach their full potential to be an IT professional.

The foundation programme will consist of short courses covering the following 2 aspects.

The content is created, curatored and monitored by a panel of experts around the world and also includes existing published reputed resources.

In addition, a student who successfully completes Spark Foundation can use the qualification as an entry criteria to the Spark X programme which is an exclusive limited seat premium programme. Find out more about Spark X

What do I learn?
  • Some of the Tech programmes
    • Practical Object-oriented programming
    • Hands-on GIT experience
    • Front End development
    • Databases
    • Backend and REST API development
    • Software development lifecycle
    • Test-based development.
  • Soft Skills programmes
    • Teamwork
    • Continuous Learning
    • Customer Focus
    • Innovation
    • Communication
    • Flexibility
    • Integrity and Respect
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Find out how Spark works and how it can help you achieve your full potential

Yes, if you have only basic knowledge on computing this programme is for you. You can begin here.

It is self paced and you can decide how you want to follow the content

Not necessary, you can follow only the course content you prefer or need to learn.

It is completely FREE to learn. However, if you want a certification in a certain area you will need to pay a nominal fee for assessment.