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Spark X is developed for the best computer programming students as a personalised coaching programme that combines technical and soft skills. We have teamed up with the best professionals with years of experience and exposure in the industry to groom our students, allowing them to shorten the learning curve and stand out as the best software graduates in the market.

We have gained an understanding of the exact requirements of the IT industry and the common skill gaps that need to be bridged so they can be productive from day one of their employment. The Spark X curriculum is not available in standard courses. We ensure that our Spark X alumni will stand out in the software industry.

What you will learn

Spark X provides essential enterprise technical exposure and professional soft skills. The programme is designed taking into consideration the requirements of the IT industry and the experience and exposure of our expert panel of mentors. You will only be selected if you demonstrate a strong interest in Software Engineering and the dedication to excel.

Programme Objectives

  • 01 Problem Solving
    • Identify and understands a problem
    • Think analytically, critically and creatively to come up with solutions
  • 02 Innovation
    • Re-frame problems
    • Connect & combine ideas
    • Challenge assumptions
  • 03 Strategic Vision
    • Understand the big picture
    • Connects dots
  • 04 Commercial Awareness
    • Understands the software industry
    • Demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset
  • 05 Clear Written Communication
    • Reads actively
    • Writes clear emails
    • Participate in forums
  • 06 Technological Orientation
    • Possesses a repertoire of full-stack skills
    • Staying current and learning about new technologies
  • 07 Drive for Excellent Results
    • Sets high quality standards
    • Self evaluate quality
  • 08 Focus on Client
    • Able to empathize & identifies client needs
    • Align with client needs
    • Make the client feel valued
  • 09 Lifelong Learning
    • Aspire to develop new skills
    • Leans willingly
    • Finds new learning opportunities
  • 10 Coping with Pressure
    • Manage multiple deliverable
    • Remain optimistic
    • Handles criticism
  • 11 Initiative
    • Acts with a sense of urgency
    • Volunteer for tasks
    • Acts with confidence
  • 12 Flexibility
    • Not fixated on a particular technique or tool
    • Adjust to changing demands from clients and internal team
  • 13 Decision Making
    • Evaluate alternatives
    • Consider impact on all stakeholders
    • Accepts responsibility for decisions
  • 14 Planning and Organizing
    • Operate in an organized manner
    • Manage resources
  • 15 Reliability
    • Works independently
    • Always meet deadlines
  • 16 Cooperative Teamwork
    • Works well as part of a team
    • Shares information
    • Resolve conflicts
  • 17 Influencing
    • Network with people
    • Authentic self promotion
    • Pitches convincingly
  • 18 Clear Oral Communication
    • Listens actively
    • Pitches convincingly
    • Ask thoughtful questions
  • 19 Management of Others
    • Provide directions
    • Help others achieve goals
  • 20 Integrity and Respect
    • Treats other fairly
    • Trusted by peers
    • Operates ethically
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What our students say?

Nothing is better than listening to what our students have to say about Spark X. Click on the videos to hear their own thoughts about their 24 weeks experience.

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Who are the mentors?

We have taken great care in selecting a network of expert mentors with professional experience and qualifications to guide our students through the learning process. The following are some of our mentors who will take a personalised approach in grooming our students.

Sanka Hettiarachchi

Lead Professional Soft Skills Mentor

Having graduated in Computer Engineering with a minor in Technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore, Sanka is a trained instrumentation engineer, career coach and technology enthusiast with over 15 years of industry experience. In 2013 he founded the software consultancy firm Providev developing automated testing solutions for electronics manufacturing and R&D and since returning to Sri Lanka in 2017 has developed over 15 educational programmes for tertiary students.

Thisum Buddhika

Lead Technical Skills Mentor

Graduated in computer science and engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Thisum has previously worked at CodeGen International, creating a software solution for global tourism; the Augmented Human Lab of Singapore University of Technology and Design where he developed software for the award winning ‘finger reader’ and the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, working on several projects on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Machine Learning. He currently works at the Ministry of Health Office, Singapore for Healthcare Transformation in Singapore, developing solutions to address chronic diseases and mental health. An instructor in design thinking, he volunteers to help youth with their education across the world.His areas of focus are HCI, data science, software engineering, and entrepreneurship

Find out how Spark works and how it can help you achieve your full potential

As long as you have a strong interest and some experience in software engineering with the dedication to excel you can apply.

A batch is limited to 40 individuals and will be selected through a pre-selection process to ensure the best candidates get the opportunity. But we strongly encourage anyone of interest to apply as our selection process looks at various areas and does not focus only on academic background.

It is a 6 months programme with virtual and face-to-face interactive boot camps. The programme is designed to be able to follow as a part time programme.

We have full-scholarships for selected deserving students. The scholarship includes all program content, lecture material, workshop costs, etc…